Gunsmoke in Utopia III

Gunsmoke in Utopia III
the Opera  

Gunsmoke in Utopia lll

For 5 singers:

  • The Beautifull girl soprano
  • The Saloon-girl alto
  • The Bandit tenor
  • One of the Heros baritone
  • The Sheriff bass
  • One Silent Actor – The other Hero
  • Dancers
Gunsmoke in Utopia lll
Gunsmoke in Utopia lll


  • 2 flute
  • 2 oboe
  • 2 clarinet
  • 2 basson
  • 2 horn
  • 2 trumpet
  • 3 trombone
  • 2 percussion
  • harp
  • celesta
  • strings

Duration: ca One Hour.

I actually counted out the tempi and the beats the other day and it summed up to one hour and 7 seconds :-).

The storyline has the following parts:

  • Introduction
  • In the Saloon
  • The Saloon Fight
  • The Night
  • The Hold-Up
  • The Hunt
  • The Big Fight
  • Are They Alive?
  • The Ending

The text:

The text is written in six languages: english, french, german, spanish, italian and latin.

The text consist basically of key sentences like:

So many guns in this town and so few brains.

Je love le garcon, il est tall, il est strong, il est magnifique.

Ich bin das maedchen das pretty maedchen, Ich bin fahren mit dem stage-coach.